Going the Distance

Posted on March 24, 2012

When hearts align, but location is contradictory.

Everyone wants to tell you how “brave” you are. To me, brave is volunteering in an orphanage in a third world country. Brave is climbing a giant fig tree, even though you have a terrible fear of heights. Brave is challenging yourself: jumping out of a plane, a solo trip overseas. Brave is agreeing to six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. Brave is being a sufferer of celiac disease, but eating the vanilla cupcake, anyway. Brave is performing a song for the very first time. Brave is choosing to stay alive, even though the sadness is overwhelming. In my mind, loving someone who lives 800kms away is just a part of life. Of course there is an element of bravery in falling in love; in allowing yourself to love and to be loved. But jumping on a plane or a bus once a fortnight isn’t brave — it’s just expensive and slightly time consuming.

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