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Freedom to be Something More

Posted on January 21, 2013

Mateo Szlapek-Sewillo discusses the right to education and the freedom it allows.

There are few doubts that, along with a genuine attempt to consider how Australia might be a freer place and then work toward that society, there are political considerations at play. The Rudd/Gillard Labor government’s much-touted ‘Education Revolution’ had realistically delivered little in the way of concrete outcomes until the Bradley Review (more similarly ambitious studies have since been commissioned). Our Prime Minister, both in her current job and when she was Education Minister, has staked a lot of their political credibility on delivering in education. The reasons given were those clichéd (and totally true) ones which are heard all the time: the better your education, then — on average — the better your income, health, security, happiness and contribution to your community and to the state.

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Mateo Szlapek-Sewillo is a graduate of The University of Adelaide.

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