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Posted on July 16, 2013

Winner of Project Runway, Anthony Capon for et al and Sonya Kraan join FRED HATES FASHION lineup.

FRED HATES FASHION is a new concept annual runway event that combines runway with fashion film.

The show features a collection of designers, Sonya Kraan and Anthony Capon are the first released in the lineup for the August 30 2013 event at Goodtime Studios that launches into MSFW.

FRED HATES FASHION will release exclusive interviews of both featured and guest designers to give further insight into the creators of the labels.

‘The main goal behind producing video interviews is to unveil the core ideas, passions and drives that cause these key artists to do what they do’. — Danielle Boudville (Creative Director)

‘FRED HATES FASHION is an event that will encapsulate and champion the many faces of Melbourne’s unique creative community’. — Hinny Tran (Creative Director)

Anthony Capon Interview for FRED HATES FASHION:

‘Et al is really excited to be a part of FRED HATES FASHION because we’ve always been interested in showcasing our work in the form of film…’ — Anthony Capon

Sonya Kraan Interview for FRED HATES FASHION:

‘Conceptually, the thing that I had while I was studying (fashion) was that you want to communicate all these other ideas and with film you can embed all of these other things’ — Sonya Kraan

Tickets on sale now at

Download the press release here.

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