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Esther Parsons — Charles

Posted on July 25, 2013

Esther Parsons draws inspiration from old glass bottles to create a new typeface.

“Charles” display font was created as a part of the Monash Honours Program. The font was based on typography found on my father’s collection of old glass bottles. My aim was to revive elements from lettering found on a selection of the bottles. I explored the way sunlight and glass react together, enabling the letters to generate unique and unintentional forms. These explorations lead to the creation of the font with an additional shadow layer. The Shadow layer represents the 3D typography on the glass bottles. “Charles” consists of Upper and Lower capitals since they were commonly used on old glass bottles.

“Charles” has been created to modernize and revive elements of the old style type found on historic glass packaging. It is intended to be used on contemporary packaging and design.

Esther Parsons studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication with Honours at Monash University.

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