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Engine Trouble

Posted on April 12, 2013

Nipun Srivastava on the road to nirvana.

Here in India, we motoring enthusiasts suffer from an eternal disease — lack of quality engineering. A motoring enthusiast in India is an individual who puts oodles of money into vehicles manufactured with less than average quality. A typical motorcycle rider does not flinch when he/she hears the words ‘break down’. Ideally, it’s only part of the game, but with our motorcycles and their vintage technology, break downs are the game.
To sustain travel, us enthusiasts prefer spare parts over clothes, nuts and bolts over food and water. That is what we leave home with. Motorcycle travel is nothing but a question of survival and with our motorcycles and Indian road conditions, it’s the human who has to keep the machine going.
Along with four others, I spent 20 days and nights riding through Kashmir and then into Ladakh. The roads were like hell-holes, the air ever-thinner and the temperature lower. At this altitude, I realised what it takes to become a survivor — unfaltering grit.

Nipun Srivastava graduated from the University of Pune.

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