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Emily Flanagan — Grapevine

Posted on April 19, 2013

Emily Flanagan develops an online platform to reduce social isolation amongst elderly people.

This brief, augmented by suitable research methods and comprehensive written documentation, aimed to find a way in which new technology could assist with reducing social isolation amongst elderly people. A website was the most apt technological solution, for the elderly demographic.
‘The Grapevine’ was developed as an online platform that presents and tailors news and events according to the needs and interests of the user. A name devised on the idea of sharing in conversation and discussion, The Grapevine encourages social interaction and knowledge sharing as users are encouraged to comment and discuss the articles that are presented on their news page.
Social interaction is further encouraged through the promotion of events that may prompt users to invite friends, and even find other people interested in going to events with them. The Grapevine website has been designed following the ideals of universal design, usable and relevant to all demographics, whilst encouraging inter-generational communication. As the face of online platforms is constantly changing, I believe it is important to design websites with flexibility in their structure, to embrace modernity and renew intrigue amongst its users.

This project was a collaboration between Emily Flanagan, Andrew Robertson, Gretchen Dobson, Emily Wapling and Theresa Allen.

Emily Flanagan studied Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology.

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