Eevien Tan — NIHIL

Posted on July 29, 2013

Eevien Tan explores the ways in which visual impact influences different emotional perceptions.

A form of imagery with an empty thematic construct requires and possesses no reasoning to its existence. It is pertinently susceptible to being charged with symbolic content. In this instance multiple solutions and scenarios are the results of different individuals observing the same image. The expression and impact falls depending on the observer’s level of reception, construction and reconstruction towards the thematic understanding of symbolism in imagery. As a title of a piece of work gives a leading insight to it’s interpretation, the use of ‘Nihil’ as an empty construct expresses curiosity akin to an untitled artwork. Nihil represents the concept of aesthetic values creating visual impact and the way this might influence different emotional perceptions in individuals.

Eevien Tan studied a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) with Honours at Monash University.

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