Dylan McDonough — Racism in the UK

Posted on November 13, 2013

Dylan McDonough responds to a number of interviews about British Muslims post 9/11.

Typographic response to a researched sound bite from the British Library Collection of Accents and Dialects. Four young adults from Birmingham, England were interviewed about culture, education, trends and slang which eventually evoked a darker side to multiculturalism and racism towards young British Muslims post 9/11. Upon research, a warped view of the interviewees started to show within the publication. This work focusses on the sinister side of the British Library Collection. Experimentation and development took typography to the limit of legibility and communication, which reflected upon ideas of distress, exclusion and racial discrimination. Selected and entered into the 2013 International Society of Typographic Designers Student Competition for Membership.

Dylan McDonough studied a Bachelor of Art (Visual Communication Design) at Monash University.

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