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Driftwood & Cirque de la Mort

Posted on March 30, 2012

Vlad Savin mixes photography and costume design to explore the dark nature of femininity in mysticism.

Driftwood follows the story of a dark, powerful temptress. An emulation of a mermaid, awaiting to cast her spell upon the weary seamen. It follows her awakening from amongst the seaweed, and culminates with her strong, dominant stance, holding her driftwood staff.

Cirque de la Mort is about a performance act — one of insanity, esotericism and sexuality. The character begins in an disturbing, innocent position, luring the viewer. Her appearance is disheveled, messy and disturbing — but as one draws closer, she begins to work her magick, and again, much like in the previous series, culminates in a provocative, menacing stance. There is also a short video for this piece:

Both series are to do with the deceiving nature of beauty and innocence, exploring the dark nature of femininity in mysticism. It is also important to note that some sections of the outfits were hand-made by myself, with the assistance of another great photographer — Shauna Phoon. For example, the hoop skirt in Cirque De a Mort is made out of a PVC irrigation tube which had nails manually inserted through it. The material covering it is simple black cloth, which has had wax dripped on it, as well as holes burnt through it. The hat was made out of cardboard, spray painted and circled in barbed wire.

Vlad Savin studied a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at RMIT University.

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