Design for a Change

Posted on March 27, 2013

Designers fighting global poverty, one creative idea at a time.

Social justice organisation, Oxfam has launched a new online hub for designers to do good. The recently launched “Design for a Change” site encourages creative-types to put their skills to work — generating campaigns to fight poverty around the world.
Incorporating the talents of designers, writers, and those in communication — Oxfam will run six competitions a year that tackle global poverty issues. The collaborative online space allows people to contribute, and bounce ideas off one another to address the issue at hand.
Last month, Design for a Change launched the “Food Waste Challenge.” The top fifteen solutions will be compiled into an e-book, and the five winners will be announced on March 22.
One of the entries, “For the Love of Leftovers” includes a social media campaign targeted at those aged 18 – 24. The campaign urges people to get creative with leftover produce, and will generate the top “leftover” recipes in a cook-book to celebrate reducing food waste.
Check out the “For the Love of Leftovers” campaign here, which ultimately aims for the campaign to go viral and for young people to get savvy with food waste.
I personally think that creative people are lucky enough to be that damn talented, so it’s nice that they can use their skills to help us all create something great — even if it is a leftover taco salad.
NB — Taco salad is amazing.

Kate Carey is studying a Diploma of Applied Fashion and Design at Kangan Institute and is a writer at ProjectProject.

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