David C Morton — WNDFL LFE

Posted on November 18, 2013

David C Morton celebrates the diversity and different phrases across the United Kingdom.

A ‘WNDFL LFE’ was created after listening to a recording from Aberdeen featured in the BBC dialects and dialogs. Robert Gib was reminiscing about his childhood and described his tenement living as “A wndfl lfe” (a wonderful life). This work was created for a exhibition celebrating the diversity and different phrases shared across Britain, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
The exhibition is about listening to the dialects as opposed to visually seeing them. I focused on the unique sounds and tones that were present on the recordings from Aberdeen, Holyhead, Stirling and Bristol. The posters and text are purposely arranged so that some text is lost or hidden to the viewer as it relates back to that idea of understanding what the person on the recording is saying. The final outcome was 16 individual posters that can be assembled to create one large piece of artwork spelling out “WNDFUL LFE”

David C Morton studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at Monash University.

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