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Dave Rellim — Selected Artworks

Posted on January 29, 2014

Dave Rellim shares autobiographical works of semi-abstract and surreal paintings.

Primarily working in oils, Rellim has consistently moved towards expanding his craft to embrace other mediums in his endeavor to merge both traditional and contemporary techniques. Laden with emotive and evocative self-expression, Rellim’s works intertwine lively threads of light and darkness to articulate the balance of existence.
The artist’s work is underscored with his fundamental psychological insights garnered from deeply personal experiences along with an avid interest in the mechanisms of human psychology.
Rellim’s works resonate with a blend of semi-abstraction, surrealism and symbolism. The artist’s paintings are inspired by an autobiographical narrative that becomes a commentary across the gamut of human emotion along with a personal judgment on social structure and environmental awareness.

Dave Rellim is a self-taught painter.

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