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Dagmar Hricková — Recent Works

Posted on December 17, 2012

Dagmar Hricková is influenced by emotional experiences in the framework of the human interactions.

Throughout the years my perception of the arts has been influenced more by different surroundings than individuals. Nevertheless, I have always been fascinated by the artists that I found to be true to themselves, who carry on regardless of sales, who continue to battle with their gift.
Growing up in on suburbs of Prague in Czech Republic, along the way I became interested in people on the edge or society, homeless and discarded people. I have never been interested in niceties but in poverty, social barriers and I have spent more time wandering around the suburban areas rather than chic neighborhoods. In my view, art is not adequately defined only by beauty alone or aesthetics. There is nothing more interesting than the diversity which also defines health of nations. In my opinion, art should be an instrument of freedom that should set us free from isms of various ideological fantasies. I have learned that is impossible to compare different works of art as well as you can not compare ideas about love, religion, politics or any other aspects.
My personal journey has allowed me to explore the arts in different countries and my favorite activity has always been watching the people and their behavior, their expressions. I am interested in their emotional experiences in the framework of the human interactions. One of the best ways to absorb the aforementioned diversity is to go down the subway or use any kind of public transportation, because it is there, where almost every person from any walk of life, any religious and any color meet.

Dagmar Hricková studied at The University of South Bohemia and an American Arts Certificate at UCLA.

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