Chris White — Someone left the lights on

Posted on January 5, 2013

Chris White breaks down the preconceptions of ceramics.

You can’t see the weld lines in the steel because it’s not steel. The rocks are moving and floating on water.
The work is intended to confuse — and it does. By the time the visitors realize the artworks are ceramic, they have already shed their preconceptions and have embraced the work for it’s own merit.
The children are bobbing the stones, fascinated by their seeming defiance of gravity. The work becomes an interesting plaything — a wonderful diversion.
It began as a way to take the ceramic process and make it faster, lighter and less technical. However, without the technical knowledge, it wouldn’t have been possible to abandon it.
There are combined elements of drawing, street art, recycling, industrial production, architecture, and aesthetics.
It’s a rediscovery of medium and self.

Chris White studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) at Melbourne University – Victorian College of the Arts.

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