7 Make Yourself Comfortable

Chris Gismondi — Recent Works

Chris Gismondi creates multi-media explorations of self-identity, repetition and emotional healing.
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Stacey Croucher — If Walls Could Talk

Stacey Croucher investigates a gigantic, deserted house, wondering about all the things its walls must have heard…

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laura hood

The Fur Lined Hood

Following up his article in Overcoat Issue One about getting deported from Canada, Tim Forster is now settled and discusses something very close to his heart: his fur lined hood. Continue Reading →


An Undesirable

En route to an exchange at McGill University, immigration-undesirable Tim Forster gets bounced from the Canadian border. Continue Reading →


The Extremities of Jakarta

Behind the skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle of the city, Jakarta is hiding an alternate reality. Continue Reading →