Little Red Riding Hood

Caroline Alexander — Give Me A Mask And I’ll Tell You The Truth

Posted on July 14, 2012

Caroline Alexander investigates the adultury and incest often woven into fairy tales.

This body of work shows a contemporary take on the other side of classic children’s fairytales. Psychoanalysis reveals that these tales are often not as innocent or moralistic as they seem, with adultery, incest and other dark themes being common hidden stories woven throughout the narrative. Furthermore, the ‘villain’ is often not as evil as they are made out to be, because the reasons behind their actions are rarely disclosed.
“Little Red Riding Hood”: A youthful, underage girl meets an older man that she is instantly attracted to. The two begin a secretive affair, until the man is caught and has to suffer the consequences of being with a young adolescent, even though the relationship was mutual.
“Snow White”: A beautiful, young girl and her father share an embrace out of sight of her stepmother. Unbeknown to them, the stepmothers insecurities about her appearance and advancing years causes her to become suspicious of every woman that her husband is with, which gives rise to her extreme jealousy of her stepdaughter, whether the relationship she is resentful of is inappropriate or not.
“Sleeping Beauty”: An old, lonely woman discovers that she has not been invited to a Christening that everyone else is at. Her loneliness and sadness manifests itself in to jealousy, which results in her planning on how to get back at the people that deserted her when she needed them.

Caroline Alexander studied Photography, with First Class Honours at the Edinburgh College of Art.

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