Campbell La Pun — Recent Works

Posted on February 23, 2014

Campbell La Pun creates mashups of popular culture differing art styles.

Originating from Melbourne, Tokyo based Campbell La Pun (b. 1983, New Zealand) specializes in a mish-mash of colourful urban stencil pop art, digital collages.
Influenced by subtle quirks in popular culture, kimochii sensations and his local surroundings it’s not uncommon to find playful juxtapositions of your favourite movie, tv, and cartoon characters, retro toys, along with some kawaii cuteness and naughty references.
Painting using aerosol and acrylic on wood and canvas, Campbell La Pun’s work will leave you trying to piece all the layers together with a mischievous grin.

Campbell La Pun studied a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) at RMIT University.

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