14millimetres, 2011

Burcu Yagcioglu — Collection of Works

Posted on June 27, 2012

Burcu Yagcioglu uses a variety of forms and concepts to create art works and installations.

Dart The Paper, Arrow The Pencil (With Left and Right Hands), 2012
The circle drawings on the papers have the same diameter with the dartboards. These two papers functioned as dartboards while the pencils I threw at them functioned as dart arrows. I threw the pencils at the drawing on the left only with my right hand, and for the other drawing I threw them only with my left hand.
The act of making this work was a cross between making art and playing a game, in which I eliminated the conscious drawing process of the hand and transformed it into a mechanical pencil/arrow throwing process in which hitting the center is the goal, but missing it slowly built the drawing.

14 Millimeters, 2011
The upside down anvil is hung from the ceiling, and the anvil below it is tied to the floor. They are attracted to each other because of the magnets in them. The gap between them is 14mm.
In Looney Tunes cartoons anvils always fall from the sky and crush one of the cartoon characters. There are two main characteristics of anvils in these cartoons; first their unexpectedness, second their weight – them being very heavy. Through a personal childhood experience with the image of anvil, created by a popular TV cartoon series, this work refers to how popular culture defines our perception and how it interferes and transforms our meaning creating process.
In this installation I used the anvil as a playful, cheeky and surprising entity as it is in the cartoons, but with a twist this time; these anvils are hung in the air, which refers to lightness and also emphasis the contrast between the concepts of falling and flying.

14 Millimeters, 10cmX6cm, hight variable, string, bronze and magnet, 2011
Dart the Paper, Arrow the Pencil (with Left and Right Hands), 80cmX100cm, pencil on paper, 2012
Untitled, 191cmX168cm, acrylic, ink and pencil on canvas, 2011
Failed Reconstruction of a Memory, 190cmX280cm, acrylic and pencil on canvas, 2012
Heart of Gold, Nerves of Steel, ink, pencil and collage on paper, human hair, steel, fabric, 2011

Burcu Yagcioglu graduated from Goldsmiths University of London, with a Master of Fine Art in 2010.

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