Brunswick Street Gallery Presents… Men per Ex Lati: Experimental (the third!)

Posted on March 5, 2014

New mediums and projected imagery augment and inspect, surfaces become screens. Glitches. Digitised media captivates attention.

BSG presents our next edition of Men per Ex Lati: Experimental
Curated by Jade Mulvaney alongside Miriam Arbus (gallery director)
This bi-monthly event is a platform for artists working with experimental film, video art, sound art, and projection based work to show their work.

This exhibition will include works from:
Elliot Forbes Gannon (Meat Sauce)
Fleur Bain
Glen Clancey

Data. It’s that un-knowable but all too familiar formatted information that runs our contemporary world. Digital culture is an incredibly deep and ever expanding world of information sharing, knowledge and social interactions (plus lolcatz, porn and pictures of food). In the “age of information” we receive so much information through digital images and video. Whether it’s through the internet, television, digital billboards; it’s all data being compressed, re-directed, encrypted, decrypted, re-coded, shamboozled, wizzwozzled, skatblasted, programmed and read.
Much like readable information, data can be manipulated and miscommunicated. This film is an up-close look at the way data and information can be altered as it gets communicated and re-communicated through so many different eyes, ears and hands.
I’ve taken footage of a glitching T.V, unable to process and communicate data signals clearly, and re-filmed that footage with many different tools. I see it as a sort of Chinese whispers of digital compression. The chain of changing frame rates and different compression types leads to a highly distorted view of the true image.

Victoria Vigors
Jade Florence Mulvaney
Jessica Sprague – Boxhead

‘Boxhead’ is a work based on existential modes of thought. It explores the idea of entropy and the ways in which we are all co-opted by imposed structures and systems. By placing the box onto my performers head I am indicating a subversive action towards consumerist culture and society. This work is indicative of my refusal to be labelled within the confines of any society that markets the idea of shaping the individual. This work is inspired by the work of the late 19th century existentialist philosopher Jean Paul Satre. It ties into Satre’s idea that ‘Existence precedes Essence’. This is the idea that, for human beings, there is no predefined pattern that we must fit into. We live our lives, and that in turn defines what we truly are, not any idealized set of characteristics

Maddy Anderson

There will be drinks, fantastic people, good vibes and superb art, what more could you possibly need?

So … just tune in, turn off, drop out, drop in, switch off, switch on, and explode!
Friday 7th of March at 7pm. Click here for more information.

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