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Posted on September 11, 2012

Brittany Farnack investigates the possible meanings about various materials and cultural artifacts.

“Its apparently system less system only apparently system less for it is a deliberate system & the law of the system is that I shall Talk about the matter which for the moment interests me & cast it aside the moment its interest for me is exhausted. a system, which follows no charted course & is not going to follow any such course. It is a system, which is a complete & purposed jumble. a course which begins nowhere follows no specified route & can never reach an end while I am alive.”
-Mark Twain (aka) Samuel Clemens-

I like to teeter, ramble, & wonder. Teetering between finished and unfinished, here and there, rambling from now to then, and wandering all over. For me, making is kind of like writing a love letter: it’s private, there is this big blank space, and the feelings start to flow; you can lose your self in that. What’s really beautiful is when its happening, that really intimate process, the mind corn maze where you kind of let yourself go. I often find myself somewhere, unable to completely remember how I got there. What happened between here and there? Sometimes I know, and other times it’s a mystery for me too. I like the not knowing. Perhaps that’s what its all about, Its like trying to squeeze a wet bar of soap, you try to hold on but it always slips away.

My working process is best described by the noun Play, a way of thinking or being in the world that doesn’t necessarily involve a clear objective. Instead of starting with a specific idea my work is fueled by my curiosity about various materials and cultural artifacts and their possible meanings.
The work has neither a beginning nor an end; instead, it is an ever evolving and expanding universe built from the fragments of both personal and shared cultural history. Like the world around me, the work is in constant flux, moving and responding to that moment’s curiosity. I bring new objects into my studio from the world around me, adjust them, combine them, transform them, change their context and thus meaning, and send them back out into the world. Like I said… I like to teeter, ramble, & wander.

Brittany Farnack studied a Master of Fine Art (Ceramics) at Tyler School of Art.

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