Bethany Pelle — Give the Cat a Name

Posted on September 13, 2012

Bethany Pelle investigates the struggle between the sense of belonging and ‘longing to be’.

Motivated by the primacy of the struggle for a sense of belonging and the poignancy of ‘longing to be’, my sculptural tableaus set the stage for considering subjective and collective desires. Phenomenological and suggestively narrative works investigate how we configure relationships—between one another, things, our behaviors, and ourselves — through the materials we choose, the language we use, and the real social possibilities that exist in these relationships. Mobilizing multiple cultural memories and references, my work is grounded in the home as a primary site of belonging, materialized identity construction and of social negotiation. This domestic mise-en-scène materializes a sense of longing, while disclosing the processes of its construction — oscillating the work between palpable desire and a denaturalized assembly of materials. The works encourage self-reflexive consideration while implicating oneself in the problematic of desire and desiring.

Bethany Pelle studied a Master of Fine Art (Ceramics) at the Tyler School of Art.

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