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Ben Howe — Constructed Space

Posted on March 5, 2014

Ben Howe connects geography, populace and the body through painted works.

Ben Howe’s work circles issues of representation, time, structure and consciousness.
His highly refined yet experimental paintings are often derived from preliminary explorations in other media such as sculpture, photography and film.
The paintings examine connections between geography, populace and the body, reflecting issues of intimacy and separation.
Through the study of human passage in urban landscapes such as the train station and city square, his work responds to the ways people navigate and actualize constructed space.
Ben’s studies of the urban crowd are a platform for broader considerations relating to the physical and subjective self within contemporary society. He is interested in creating pieces which raise questions about the space we inhabit, the construction of personal histories and what it is ‘to be.’
Ben’s paintings often combine elements of both Impressionism and hyperrealism — bending the two techniques to address the ambiguities and heightened reality of his subject.

Ben Howe studied a Master Of Fine Art at RMIT University.

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