Belén Zahera — Arrangement #1: And it turned out there was not such a point

Posted on November 25, 2012

Belén Zahera shares an exploration on the boundaries between defining and knowing.

My practice explores and examines the production of truth and knowledge established by systems (mediators) of thought, language, representation and regulation within the context of image-based culture. I am interested in the relationship or tension between the context and the non communicable aspects of things and how art can propose situations rather than messages. By layering the elements of the work itself and its methodology my aim is to create spaces and relations to think ‘beside’ images, documents and objects that have been removed from their usual context and referential framework. Therefore, the work constitutes a transition between identities, a suspended moment, stressing the relationship between the real/fictional and the possible, the interface and the discourse, the identifiable and the unknown.

Belén Zahera studied a Master of Art (Fine Art Media) at Slade School of Fine Art.

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