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Posted on March 11, 2013

Kate Carey takes a look at the newest collaboration between RMIT graduate Beci Orpin and giants, Urban Outfitters.

Melbourne-based design-queen Beci Orpin has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create a new range of home furnishings in what she describes as the “dream project.”

The RMIT graduate and mother of two is no stranger to collaborations, having worked her colourful, quirky design magic for labels such as Gorman, Kit Cosmetics and Australian musician Whitley.

Urban Outfitters snapped up Beci’s designs with no changes to her work and a “let’s do it” attitude, which has since seen many of the exclusive bed covers, cushions, rugs and wall decors sold out on the site. But fans of the fabulous fear not — with new stock arriving between now and April.

So why is an Urban Outfitters co-lab “the dream” for a highly-successful fashion and textile graduate who has been involved in a plethora of projects? Having the money, time and people-power to make her designs a reality.

See, there is no team to Beci Orpin. The small-scale business functions (and extremely well might I add) on skeleton staff of two casual helpers, Beci, and her never-ending string of ideas.

As Beci puts it, “it provides the opportunity to create products that [she] wouldn’t usually have the means to do” — and for any designer, that is “the dream.”

But she isn’t ready to share all her secrets on what inspires these cute-sie, candy-coloured creations. “Too many things to put into words” for this articles sake — but she has done her best to write them down in her latest book, Find and Keep. Have a read, it’s sew delightful!

Kate Carey is studying a Diploma of Applied Fashion and Design at Kangan Institute and is a writer at ProjectProject.

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