Ash Ferlito — Light Flash Reverb

Posted on January 20, 2013

Ash Ferlito thinks about light, flash and reverb.

In the interest of ‘time-saving’ I found myself painting on some poorly made stretchers I’d hastily purchased from a friend of a friend in lieu of making my own. As I set to work I felt the looming presence of a curse. The preoccupation with the stretcher raised a concern with the back of the painting. I made painting over painting on the ‘cursed’ support and finally un-stretched the canvas and re-stretched it turning the face. The paint and medium had seeped through the canvas creating these marvelous explosions of color stains. I have long been interested in work that questions what constitutes painting and has an interest in material but this was the how the involvement of the stretcher started in my painting.
My work alludes to certain painterly traditions — but I’m interested in keeping things as fresh as possible.

Ash Ferlito studied a Bachelor of Art at Yale University and a Master of Fine Art (Painting) at Tyler School of Art.

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