Amanda Brown — Recent Works

Posted on September 7, 2012

Amanda Brown fuses dance, sculpture and video in a dance of light, people and material.

A fusion of sculpture, dance, and video, my work explores the intersection of intention and process in a dance of light, people, and material that creates an intimate experience for the viewer in a layered environment. The sculptures have a moving surface where the narrative is intricate and sparse, involving relationships between people, the self, and the space. Air and negative space are integral to my work as light and shadows inform and conceal layers of mystery and discovery. I work collaboratively with actors, dancers, and other artists to capture the nuances and contradictions of the human condition. With both object making and video, I am exploring materiality, and movement in time with its pauses and reflections and offering a chance to linger in a fleeting moment, giving permanence to the fragile and ephemeral.
Narrow River is a dance piece that was projected onto a tiny sculptural set of a wooded beach and then filmed again. The bodies of the dancers become a canvas for the details of the set as the figures move in and out of view. Fountain is video collage, which is projected onto a ceramic object. Orfeo y Eurydice is a dance piece depicting the final scene of the love story of Orpheus and Eurydice in which Orpheus loses Eurydice in his attempt to return her to the upper world when he looks at her before she reaches the sunlight. This piece is a video projection onto a found vase.

Amanda Brown studied a Master of Fine Art (Sculpture) from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a Bachelor of Fine Art (Studio Art) from Rhode Island College and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Creative Writing) from Emerson College.

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