Amalie Silvani-Jones — Selected Works

Posted on August 25, 2012

Amalie Silvani-Jones investigates the human reality of living in complete ignorance.

I recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art with a BAhons in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking.
The purpose of my work is to express my emotions and my ideas. This is what I must do in order to comprehend all of the information around me and to realize my emotions: this is the way I process life.
I am interested in the human reality of living in complete ignorance, and never coming to terms with the fact that each of us truly knows nothing at all. In the face of this and the inevitability of death I make works that attempt to make sense of everything at once.
Although I predominantly work with paint, the materials I use to create my work are changeable; secondary to the thoughts and feelings the work was born out of, but an important part of my practice. I feed off experimentation with new materials and methods, so as not to be tied down by the materiality of certain mediums.
I am interested in deconstructing what is considered taboo, and have been particularly involved in thinking about gender and sexuality; this questioning is apparent in my work. I have learnt to use art as a space to express struggle, to question the nature of societal structures and the individuals’ place within these structures.

Amalie Silvani-Jones studied a Bachelor of Art with Honours in Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking) at The Glasgow School of Art.

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