Amalie Silvani-Jones — Me, Myself, and Why

Posted on August 25, 2012

Amalie Silvani-Jones creates a series of self-portraits using Microsoft Paint.

This series of self-portraits made using the basic windows digital painting program Microsoft Paint, began at the age of 12 as a playful hobby. The paintings started as a place for me to explore the possibilities for my own self-image, trying on different costumes for the character I might become in the future. I revisited this medium at the age of 18, recording moments in my personal life that have effected my perception of the self. Over time I have built up a chronological record of the ever changing and developing character of myself, showing an increasing technical skill and an increasing understanding of the self. The latest two paintings in the series (Self-Portrait after Lucien Freud’s: Naked Portrait With Reflection and Self-Portrait After Peter Blake’s: Marcel Duchamp’s World Tour: Playing Chess With Tracey) is an attempt to understand my role as an artist, and at the same time recognizing the influence of these artists on the shaping of my character.

Amalie Silvani-Jones studied a Bachelor of Art with Honours in Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking) at The Glasgow School of Art.

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