Alex Fischer — Recent Works

Posted on July 10, 2012

Alex Fischer designs furniture that combines modern elements with modernist principles.

My work is inspired largely by my introduction to furniture during my study abroad (at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen) and a love of mid-century modern furniture. I love combining modern elements with principles derived from modernism. There is always a clear Scandinavian influence, but it is definitely from a post-modern perspective. I believe that the more you distill a form to simplicity, the more it enhances the space it occupies. I always try to have just one spot element that is very unique in each piece of furniture, and keep the rest as pure as possible. I love furniture because it exists in an environment and it always has to be functional. When designing I spend a lot of time thinking about how people will use the furniture, and how it will look when you first walk into a room. I find working within those constraints is challenging and exciting.

Alex Fischer graduated from Carnegie Mellon School of Design, is about to start a Masters degree at Art Center School of Design.

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