Adina Bricklin — Recent Works

Posted on September 5, 2012

Adina Bricklin investigates opposing aesthetic ideals through drawing and photography.

Through drawing process and subject matter I investigate opposing aesthetic ideals, simultaneously striving toward fact and toward fiction, toward clarity and toward subtlety, toward perfection and toward error. I use photographic sources to tap into my fascination with the machine through the filter of drawing, struggling toward a mechanical goal, pushing against the limitations of my hand and the properties of my materials. To draw performances of light in the landscape, I treat the stylus as light and the paper as landscape. I utilize different processes of tracing and rubbing to translate photographic light into drawing, and my various drawing tools distort and degrade the imagery or emboss the paper with the blemishes of my studio walls. The spaces depicted in my drawings are within a human context, seen from eye level, a person-mediated nature. By creating the objects I wish to see, confronting my own longings for image on surface, I hope to produce work that engages the human appetite for vision, beauty, and place.

Adina Bricklin studied a Bachelor of Art (Studio Art) at Wesleyan University and a Master of Fine Art (2D Fine Arts) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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