The Team

Founded in December 2011, Undercoat is run by a small, but dedicated group who want to present the most beautiful and thought-provoking content they can.

The Designer.
Pete Saunders graduated with a Master of Visual Communication at the end of 2010. He studied the misuse of information in pharmaceutical advertising, ethics of the design industry and how visual communication can be used in education. As well as a freelance designer, Pete has worked as a project manager, copywriter, photo editor, video producer and marketing strategist for a number of small businesses and non-profits around the world. He has also worked as an undergraduate student lecturer and tutor.
When not working as a designer, Pete is a qualified ski instructor and has spent time in Australia, North America, New Zealand, Europe and Japan, avoiding the real world as much as possible.
After many years floating around the globe, Pete has settled in Melbourne, working as the Director of Digital Strategy for Sonoa Health, a member of the Global Shapers Community and teaching advertising part time at RMIT.


jessieThe Editor.
Jessie Webb is a writer and researcher from Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Indigenous Studies, and Honours in History. She is a published writer, and her photography, print work and paintings have been exhibited in Melbourne. Jessie’s work broadly returns to themes of place and belonging which her research situates in settler-colonial Australia. She currently works at the University of Melbourne.






The Illustrator.
Three years ago, April Wright made Melbourne her home, fueled by its creative air. Fueled by the desire to ‘do what you love’, April got back into drawing with a pencil and drawing what she thought was important. Getting back to basics has been revolutionary!
Her style has evolved organically, drawing females who are sexy, strong and empowered is never intentional but intuitively they creep onto the page. April is attracted to the femme fatale attitude and that shows through her work.
Over the past three years, she feels blessed to have had the opportunity to exhibit at several exhibitions and be a regular artist in many Melbourne cafes. April is humbled to be part of the Undercoat team, being inspired by the contributors and reading such soulful articles. It makes the job of illustrating the heart of each an absolute pleasure.



gregoryThe Musician.
Sam Gregory has spent most of his life inside music.
Starting at age five, he learnt the piano followed by dabbling in woodwind and brass, before he picked up his first guitar. Not long after, he discovered electronic music production: synthesisers, samplers and the world of DJing. He has since played for various clubs, bars, parties and radio shows, producing an eclectic style of organic electronica for films and promotional videos. Residing in Melbourne, he has direct access to the new and seasoned talent that the city harbours, while keeping an ear on the world music scene. He works a vanilla desk job like many, but only to fund his clinical music habit and weekend escapades into the alleyways. He continues to produce music and mixes, having replaced the humble CDJ for an array of MIDI controllers, a laptop and the occasional haircut.



alexThe Line Dancer.
Alex Akehurst is a social media community manager, digital marketer and copywriter who loves a good failed hashtag (#nowthatchersdead, classic) and finding the coolest artistic contributions for Undercoat. Hailing from the buzzing world of Melbourne digital agencies, she has recently gone solo to form her own social media service, Box Social. Young enough to have her finger on the pulse, and old enough to have substantial experience in a modern field, Alex is fluent in all things social. When not stuck to the web, Alex has enjoyed writing for over 50 travel guides for Appy Travels apps and an online social media course for FinPa Australia. She is also fabulous and a shameful self promoter.




sam-gThe Conductor.
Sam Gilfedder is a new Melbourne resident — having moved from the nation’s capital Canberra, earlier this year. He found himself disaffected with University back home, and up-heaved his studies and his life to immerse himself in the cultural capital of Melbourne, where he is a first year student at RMIT. Sam has been brought up in a creative and musical family, and has been playing drums since his early teens. Aside from music, he confesses to an avid love of AFL and dogs, with a strong affection for Canadian Club.





ericThe Scribbler.
Eric Brotchie is Scribbler at Undercoat, a position he began in January 2014. A graduate from the Book and Digital Media Studies at Leiden University, his professional background straddles marketing communications and professional blogging. As Scribbler, Eric works closely with incoming contributions to Undercoat. He looks forward to receiving yours soon at