A Sustainable Dream

Posted on October 1, 2012

Leyla Acaroglu calls upon designers to consider the entire lifecyle of their creations.

In the present reality, the way we design, create and consume things has a dramatic affect on not only the natural environment but it also affects the things that will be possible in the future. The materials that we pull out of the ground and transform into everyday goods is in many cases finite — so the more we extract, use and abuse today, the less there will be available in the future. This is not a prediction — this is a stark reality. We can’t make something from nothing (although there are some who would love to think they can synthesis everything!). Many resources that we rely on currently are at a critical extraction point, are rare or are simply almost gone. Soon we will be talking about not just critically endangered animals, but over extracted minerals as well. And it’s the decisions made by the designers and producers of these goods and services that ultimately dictate how much we inconsiderately consume and in what ways.
Not only are we extracting and processing materials at an unprecedented rate, we are doing so in ways that adversely affect the people that we share this earth with — just Google “e-waste processing in china” or “conflict metals” to get a small glimpse of the flow on affects of our production and consumption habits.

Read more of Leyla’s call to action in Overcoat Issue Three: Dreams.

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