10 Girls Doing It

Posted on January 17, 2013

10 Collective: 10 female design students, doing it for themselves.

As the 10 Collective, we had a simultaneous brainwave to create our own solo exhibition. And that’s where the fun began. Finding a space and branding ourselves. The best decision we made was to take a risk in the way we marketed our exhibition. We knew we wanted to create a viral invite, as this was a cheap and effective way to communicate across the social media platforms, and after much deliberation we shamelessly decided to use sex to sell ourselves. Our exhibition was entitled “10 Girls Doing it”. Thank God, this paid off — it could have very easily backfired. In a complete tongue-in-cheek move we chose a really tacky 70s Turkish soft porn film and subtitled it to sell us. The VIP invites were packaged up in DVD boxes and hand delivered around London to our 50 favourite design agencies and the industry press channels. The following day Design Week blog published a post about us, “There are a lot of ways to get attention for a debut exhibition, but packaging your invite up as porn is not one that we see everyday. 10 Collective, a group of female graphic designers who met at London College of Communications MA Graphic Design course, sent us this invitation to their debut show, which was NSFW (not safe for work) in the extreme.”

Click here to download and keep a copy of Overcoat Issue Four: Freedom.

10 Collective is Sarah, Gumrah, Elma, Emma, Becky, Polina, Pelin, Marina and Gemma. They all studied a Masters of Graphic Design at the London College of Communication.

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